Antenna System

ED2 “Barrel Cactus” Antenna
ED2 designs and developed the world’s most unique and effective 5G mmWave advanced antenna system.

Dubbed the “Barrel Cactus,” this advanced antenna system offers a number of unique advantages to mmWave network providers.

The Barrel Cactus is a concurrent parallel radio system capable of simultaneously delivering four (4) independent radios to cover an angular space of 360° azimuth by 60° elevation. The mmWave antenna system is a new paradigm that leads to better coverage, capacity and low-latency.

Benefits of the Barrel Cactus antenna system

  • Modular design. The separation of the switch matrix and the radiating elements is a design architecture that is highly-leverageable for follow-on products in the AI and/or 6G context.
  • Singular, small fully-enclosed device with no visible cables or moving parts.
  • Four (4) independent radio inputs, to support a variety of deployment scenarios.

BeamX Company
ED2 has generated substantial intellectual property and plans to go-to-market through a newly formed subsidiary BeamX, Inc.. The intent is for BeamX, Inc. to commercialize the product through partners.

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