ED2 Announces Series A Funding

Contact: Ernie Nedder (Vice President)

ED2 Corporation




ED2 Corp Announces Series A Funding led by DVI Equity Partners

TUCSON, Ariz., (July 30, 2019) Electronic Design & Development Corporation (ED2 Corp), a Tucson company specializing in the design, development, and production of 5G hardware solutions, has closed its series A round of venture capital funding.

ED2’s product portfolio is well-positioned across the 5G landscape and includes:

  • A nano-sized, low-cost, low-power software-defined 5G radio system, which includes a millimeter-wave front end along with antennas designed to enable 5G, satellite and other communications applications.
  • Low-cost bandpass technology for 5G radio, radar, cellular, mobile, general wireless, loT and millimeter-wave applications that filter out interfering frequencies and provide clean signals;
  • A first-of-a-kind universal 5G wireless software-defined multi-mode repeater that can extend current 5G range by 10 times, providing greater penetration through glass and walls and around corners.

Robert Griffin, Managing Partner of DVI Equity Partners, stated, “DVI has long recognized the game-changing impact of 5G, and the absolute requirement of skilled critical infrastructure providers to enable and support this emerging technology.  ED2’s experience, technological expertise, and product capabilities well position them to fill this vital need and we are excited to be involved.”

ED2’s President and CEO, Sergio Cardona, stated, “The ED2 team has years of experience in developing cutting-edge electronics technology, from our early days in support of National Defense technologies, to our introduction of low-cost waveguide bandpass filter (BPF) technology for 5G, our Software Driven Multi-Mode 5G Repeaters/Boosters and our game-changing nano-sized, low-cost, low power software-defined 5G Radio System. This includes a millimeter-wave front end along with antennas, designed to enable 5G, Satellite, and other communications applications. We recognize that 5G will transform the world and we are excited to be next-generation technology pioneers.”


About Electronic Design and Development Corporation
Founded in 2007 and refocused in 2018, Electronic Design and Development Corporation (ED2) builds 5G infrastructure hardware for next-generation advancements in telecommunications. ED2 products include integrated 5G wireless solutions, IoT sensors, 5G filters, and custom radio frequency electronics. Our mission is to give wireless network providers the critical and cost-effective components required for expansion and competitiveness. The company’s core technical leadership is comprised of industry-renowned experts that hold many patents in electronics solutions for radio frequency (RF), radio communications, radar, software and wireless technology.

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About DVI Equity Partners LLC.

DVI Equity Partners LLC (DVI) was founded in spring of 2018 with a singular mission of investing in early-stage, emerging technology companies specializing in disruptive technology with an emphasis on companies founded and led by women and minorities. The firm evaluates emerging technology companies that create business-to-business (B2B) value in areas including national security, enterprise software, artificial intelligence, and data storage and analysis.

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For additional information regarding the series A investment, the joint Press Release via BusinessWire is available here.