Low Loss, Small Size, High Volume Manufacturing Ready

The Filters deployed as in-stock and listed below are at 28GHz (unless otherwise noted), with different bandwidths and losses.


High Performance Filters for 5G and Beyond

ED2 can provide custom designed filters from 100MHz to 75GHz. Our technologies include stripline, microstrip, suspended substrate, waveguide, and more.

Do you need a filter that is stable over temperature and vibration? How about a filter that is surface mountable or connectorized? Whatever interface you need, ED2 can provide it.

ED2 will design and manufacture your custom filters using the latest technology, including fused Silica (Glass), to fit your needs.


Not all 5G filters are created equal. Scroll down to download a white paper comparison of 5G filters.


Custom filters requests are welcome. Please contact us via this form for custom filter requests.

Not all 5G Filters are Created Equal!

Download our White Paper comparing 5G filters on the market today

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