RF Electronics

RF Electronics

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RF electronics are assemblies that serve a unique function and require external controls to accomplish an application; for example, Front ends, Up/Down converters, transceivers, modules, etc.

ED2 is developing millimeter-wave (mmW) 5G front ends as reference designs. The reference design is intended to aid designers and makers to a fast proof of concept stage or quick prototype to demonstrate 5G waveforms and bridge between 4G/LTE and 5G services. Depending on your targeting scenario and detailed requirements, ED2's RF electronics can be configured to operate as an mmW repeater/relay and /or small base station.

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Custom RF & Millimeter Wave Designs

Electronics Designs ED2 will pick the best technology and topologies to fit unique requirements for exciters, receivers, transmitters and general electronics.

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5G mmW Front End Reference Design Kit
5G 28GHz Front End, 2x2 MIMO
with 18dB gain antennas

Available as Part Number ED2-0002 KIT

5G Reference Design

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