5G mmWave Repeaters

Wilson Network 257 Outdoor Repeater

  • Up to 1GHz bandwidth within band n257
  • High-power network range extension and non-line-of-site (NLOS) coverage gaps
  • NMS support with internal LTE multi-band Mini Card
  • Cloud-connected for remote management
  • Available in a range of colors

The Wilson Network 257 is the ideal repeater solution for any mobile network operator looking to extend mmWave 5G cellular coverage, or fill coverage holes, outside.

The Network 257 can receive 5G source signals from up to 10km from the originating gNB. The NLOS service delivered from the system supports up to 1GHz of instantaneous bandwidth.

The hardware is unique in that it can be configured to support a variety of donor or service beamwidths, ranging from +/- 8° to +/- 45°, depending upon the application. This flexibility allows the dual-polarized donor and service units to be easily aimed for maximum service improvement.

An internal PCI Express Mini Card module enables LTE connectivity. The connectivity module can be easily swapped as needed, for regional/carrier support.

Finally, the entire system is designed to withstand rugged environments and extreme temperatures, from -40°C to +65°C with an IP67 rating. Beyond its impressive technical capabilities, the Network 257 is easy to install and use. As a layer zero repeater, very little setup is required. Network Administrators can remotely monitor the system’s telemetry data in real-time or receive automated alerts. Remotely accessible data includes GPS location, internal system temperature, RF amplifier status, sensor values, automatic gain control, and manual attenuation.

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