Heterogeneous Integration Powered by AGPT™

Higher level of functionality at the semiconductor level leads to a smaller footprint modules.  System-in-Package modules facilitates cost savings and drives advanced semiconductor technologies in various applications. 

Synthetic Quartz (Fused Silica) has excellent thermal, electrical and optical properties. It enables ultra small feature sizes, excellent high frequency performance, allowing for tight integration, supporting fabrication as a wafer-level process, for scale and cost.

ED2 is a young technology company with deep expertise in RF/wireless systems, modules and materials

ED2 Advantage

Synthetic Fused Silica is Perfect for mmWave to THz apps

With deep expertise in mid and high band (microwave) technology, ED2 Corp is innovating the 5G market with our repeater and unique antenna (DWA) technology – poised to deliver into 6G and beyond.

Based in Tucson, Arizona, ED2 is a fabless design and development company, capable of servicing the entire value chain, through concept, design, development, test, and production.

Glass is a must for high frequency solutions

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