ED2 is an emerging technology company with deep expertise in RF and wireless systems.

Innovation Starts With People

Having designed and developed a variety of products in and around the RF space, ED2 brings a unique combination of commercial, defense, and senior leadership to the productization process.

ED2 designs are geared for high volume manufacturing, lowest cost and best performance.

Designs range from electronics and wireless communications. Electronics ranges from processors and/or FPGA’s based designs with power management to power management and packaging. Wireless designs range from IoT protocols (i.e. LoRA, BLE, BL, Zeegbe…) to LTE connectivity for gateway applications to using WiFi and sensors. ED2 is able to design RF components and wireless links from 20MHz to 94GHz.

Disrupting with Glass

ED2 Corp has pioneered the use of glass (fused silica) substrates in the creation of passive components and integrated modules.

With deep expertise in mid and high band (microwave) technology, ED2 Corp is innovating the 5G market with our repeater and unique antenna (DWA) technology - poised to deliver into 6G and beyond.

Based in Tucson, Arizona, ED2 is a fabless design and development company, capable of servicing the entire value chain, through concept, design, development, test, and production.

ED2 fused silica bandpass filter

ED2 Glass Components

ED2 designs and develops passive components in fused silica for use in multiple types of applications from space, to satcom, medical, cellular telecommunications, and beyond.

ED2 glass SMT components are designed as a wafer-level process providing high-reliability, high-yield, and ease of integration into existing CCAs.

ED2 Glass Modules

Modules allows for the highest level of integration. Besides adding active silicon, like any other package, the glass module embeds discrete components like capacitors, inductors, splitters, and filters. All of that is added-value to our end customers.

The high performing fused-silica substrates allows the module to have best performance, smallest size at lowest cost while being naturally hermetic, enables small features, wafer level process, and performs up to 100GHz.

mmWave Repeaters

ED2 technology portfolio includes both mmWave and c-band repeaters for 5G cellular communications, for both inside and outside use. ED2 Repeater products have been licensed to Wilson Electronics.

ED2’s repeater technology is capable of taking inbound 5G RF signals from a commercial cellular network, frequency translation to I/F frequency, transmitting via coax cable to a coverage unit (CU), amplifying, and retransmitting.

The benefit of the cellular repeater is to quickly and simply extend the 5G network, and/or fill any coverage gaps created by RF blockers or other obstacles.

Freestar Advanced Antenna System

The FreeStar5G Advanced Antenna System was developed by ED2 and licensed to Freefall 5G. The product takes an innovative and disruptive approach to signal distribution. Rather than incorporate 10s to 100s of individual antenna modules onto a large panel, each module tasked and limited to support a single UE, the FF5G approach uses patented dielectric waveguide antenna (DWA) technology to deliver instant coverage across the entire field of users. An integrated switch matrix allows the signals to be switched or directed in any multitude of ways, to support a wide variety of applications.

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